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Our Staff

Susan Kristoff, HIS

Hearing Instrument Specialist

I am a hearing instrument specialist, and I have been employed with NewSound Hearing since 2007. I started working in the hearing health field in 1991. My journey in the industry began with the art of building hearing aids, and I chose to explore my options in working directly with the patients. I attended the American Conference of Audiopathology in 2008 and became certified in 2009. I believe in always putting the patient first, treating each individual with joy and respect, while having the courage to reach out to my colleagues when unsure of the best possible choice to enhance my patient’s experience. My mission will remain, “We Have Hearing Lives to Save.”

Susan Kristoff, HIS

Tualla Bivins

Patient Services Coordinator

Hi, my name is Tualla, pronounced Twau-la. Throughout my life, my name has always been a challenge for most. However, I find it intriguing these days that my name is no longer uncommon. I have met more Twylas, Twilas, and Tullas, but not one spelled like mine. My sweet mother tells me my name derives from our American Indian heritage and means “”angel of my heart.”” Okay, Mom, I forgive you for that chosen name. Ha! I am a Texas Native, where we are known for the state with two seasons: HOT and HOTTER. I have been married 27 years; we have one son, 26, who is the greatest blessing God has ever granted me. We live on a farm with our cows and dogs. I am a huge animal lover and would provide every varmint a place to live if my husband would let me. I love spending time by the campfires when it’s cold and at the beach when it’s warm. I am totally an outdoor person. I love the Lord, my family, extended family, friends and now my newest family, the NewSound Hearing Team — very excited to be on board.

I began working with NewSound at the Columbus location in September 2007 when it first opened. I had never worked in this industry. However, I have always been self-motivated in learning new things. The excitement in NewSound President Randy Schoenborn’s voice during my interview, sharing this amazing business opportunity along with his vision of serving our community with better hearing, only confirmed that my desire to serve, had begun. My provider, Susan Kristoff, and I have been a TEAM from day one. We have worked together for almost 10 years and have built our practice together. Susan and I are on a mission to deliver a custom experience, keeping our brand promises as “”we have hearing lives to save.”” The reward of serving our community has been more than providing hearing aids — it has become establishing lifelong friendships with our patients and their family members. In 2012, I was awarded the Iron Horse Award at our annual corporate meeting, which is described as: “”Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard at it. This person gets results by working hard and building their practice.”” As I was very honored and blessed to receive this reward, it takes Susan and I both behaving with joy, respect and courage and living up to our core values where continued growth is inevitable. I am super excited to live up to our mission each and every day.

Tualla Bivins

Customer Reviews

The ladies are wonderful. The service is great. Now I can hear. They spend time with you because they care about their patients. Very nice on the inside of their office

Lou Ann Holman, on Google

They are there to help

Conniesue Pavlicek, on Google

Susan and Twalla are super sweet and they do know their stuff! Go see them if you think you have a hearing problem..

Tori Did, on Google

Great place

Vonice Frerichs, on Google

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